Welcome to the Products page of Pie Chart Technologies PTE. LTD. Here, we present a curated selection of pharmaceutical APIs, intermediates, and specialized ingredients that embody our commitment to excellence, innovation, and quality in every transaction.

Our Range of Products

  1. Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs): Explore a diverse catalog of APIs sourced from reputable manufacturers across the globe. Each API undergoes rigorous quality assessments, ensuring it meets the highest industry standards.
  2. Intermediates: Discover a range of intermediates that serve as crucial building blocks in pharmaceutical production. These intermediates are sourced with precision to contribute to the success of your projects.
  3. Specialized Ingredients: Our selection extends to specialized ingredients that cater to unique pharmaceutical needs. Count on us to provide ingredients that align with your specific requirements.

API Products List

Therapeutic AreaPRODUCTSStatus
Anti-CancerIrinotecan HydrochlorideUSDMF No. 30516 / CEP (Pipeline)/ WHO GMP
Anti-ThromboticTicagrelorUSDMF No. 033937 / WHO GMP
Anti-CancerLenalidomideOpen part DMF/ WHO GMP
Anti-UlceMisoprostol 1% dispersion in HPMCTech Pack
Anti-CancerPazopanib HydrochlorideCOA and samples (ODMF-Pipeline)
Anti-CancerCarfilzomibCOA and samples
Anti-CancerMethotrexateCOA and samples (ODMF-Pipeline)
Anti-CancerTopotecan HydrochlorideCOA
HematologyEltrombopag OlaminECOA and samples (ODMF-Pipeline)
Psoriatic ArthritisApremilastR&D